Saving and NAVI – a reshafl can help our team?

OMEGA League (which, according to the calendar, the story will end competitive Dota 2, as Valve remains silent) has become a great spectacle for the neutral fans, but devoted fans of clubs from the CIS badly frayed nerves. passed miracle group stage, recovering after two lesions and NAVI completely collapsed and the lower division, where soon gave way first 5men, and then Cyber ​​Legacy. Reshafl – always a last resort to solve problems, but it seems that he is waiting for us in the near future. So let’s dream up what may be the compositions of the two main clubs in the region for the next tournament (unless, of course, his ever announce). Disclaimer: everything written below – the personal position of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the opinion. Text is entertaining and does not call for substitutions in the commands and eliminate players. Inviolable left was so long at the top of the stage (at least in the CIS), the players of the gold structure at some point gained almost untouchable status. Solo or touch No [o] ne? What do you mean, how can you! But it seems such a shake-up today could help the team. This is not a call to send players to retire – a call to knock them out of their comfort zone and get to look at things from a new angle, including on your gameplay. With No [o] ne’s simple – he has repeatedly said he would like to try yourself in the role of Kerry, and considering how the last VP matches, she should come to him very well. In fact, Minenko already playing in the first position, and in most cases is the very condition for the victory of his club. ”If the game goes Vova, VP win” – something like this can be read in the comments before each match. And agree that the function of the ”main taschera” handier to carry it as a carry. No [o] ne | Source: Another obvious bonus this transposition is that the Foreign Ministry has cleared slot gpK ~, whose fans a year to make a match in VP. Of course, this is a very naive approach to rostering – ”drimtimy” take off is not always, Puppey will not lie. However, as long as the VP or NAVI does not try to play with gpK ~, talk about that in the CIS top clubs ignore the home region, young star, is not likely to fade away – it might be time to take a chance. However, there is another way – to shuffle VP and VP.Prodigy compositions. In the end, CEO of the club Sergei Glamazda almost openly said that training for playing through – this is one of the functions of the youth roster. Sergey Glamazda: ”In an ideal world, if you have two full teams, transfers have lost their meaning. Why pay a lot of money if you can grow a talent at which suits all the criteria that you are laying in the value of the club. <...> I do not see the point every year to spend a lot of money to sign players. If you have a quality Scouting works correctly and you build the team’s work, then, in theory, you do not need transfers because you originally collected the composition, which can play a few years <...> Therefore, if you built a talent search system, you can minimize the number of transfers. ” Sounds very sensible, and I will be happy if this sports model really take hold in eSports. Fn or epileptick1d quite able to complement the composition of VP, and for all of the two-core positions. It turns out that in any configuration iLTW should become a victim of circumstances. Filatov, in fact, difficult to criticize – it performs well, with confidence ”presses a button” and absolutely deserved sometimes gets respect, bans Ember Spirit. But the problem is that the praise it has to be extremely rare. In general, ”six out of ten,” as he once praised Iceberg. See Ofleyn in the VP, is perhaps the most controversial position. After each match receives Resolut1on tub criticism in the comments, but regularly comes to the media and says that he understands his mistakes and tries to work on yourself. Fominku want to believe, especially as compared with the first match of his progress is really visible. Still, since his move to the VP was held for a year – other kibersportsmeny for a period of time to gather and destroy the several different stacks, and so the question arises: does it make sense to tolerate it? Once 9pasha was a key player VP – around his breaking (or breaking ties Lil under ofleynera) built pleystayl team that won the first major in the history of the club. Resolut1on is still hardly can fully claim the role of playmaker – often it is simply tanking damage and collects the aura, and perhaps it was his position more than any other requires strengthening. The problem is that ofleynerov CIS is extremely small – part of the reason Fominku and had a year ago to agree to this role. Of available players the most exciting option looks GeneRaL – a comeback on the shooting range, 1 scene (at least in the region) after leaving the NAVI will be quite comical. Consider the option with VP.P’s not like – not so long ago about the DM, playing there for the third position, it was rumored that he may lose a place in the lineup. GeneRaL | Source: What to do with a support – the most difficult question. On the one hand, to expect them to great things is meaningless – the success of ”fours” and ”fives” is largely dependent on the rest of the team. On the other – it should be noted that the summer Zayac – it is not the player that the scandal left the NAVI. Given that, how hard to get this transition Emilzhanovu want to give more time, otherwise the transfer will be released quite a failure, but … Option with Save- looks no less advantageous for the club, and no pressure can Zayac restore optimal shape as a part of Prodigy. However, I have another strange doterskaya dream – to see Lil return to Most likely, this is an impossible scenario – judging by the track record Ilyuka with teammates conflicts will pursue it to the end of a career. But if you ignore the emotional side of the issue, the pluses in this transition also has: Lil is still very strong player, which was obvious even in the shooting-3 stacks, for which he recently played, experiment with john doe only confirmed this . In addition, the club would have received a good boost to the media composition, and as we know, a dubious PR – it is also a PR. Options VP rosters for the new season: gpK ~ epileptick1d No [o] ne No [o] ne GeneRaL GeneRaL Save- Lil Solo Solo Elephant in black and yellow room of Harvey Dent in ”Dark Knight” Christopher Nolan said: ”Either you die a hero, or live as long as you become the villain. ” This phrase is excellent and Vladislav Crystallize Kristaneku, which was once a symbol of ”new era” club – a young player, very favorably looked on background adherent to the center line of Dendi. But now the time has passed, and now Kerry turned himself into a ”villain”, which each match receives criticism from fans, coaches, and even on casters, but still somehow going through every single reshafl. In professional matches Crystallize sometimes resembles your typical carry out Public, which plays exactly the way his team plays – Farm and kills, if you ride your opponent on the map, or sad standing on the base without frags if you were given the line hard. And probably, around such a style could also be to play – for example, if at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the NAVI had a SumaiL, capable of single-handedly create a Space, or a strong leader in the ”five”, which led to the game the team. But, unfortunately, in the current roster NAVI Kristanek – veteran involuntarily, which (in addition to 9pasha) surrounded by young and promising newcomers. However, I have no doubt that Immersion is really trying to learn the role of captain, but the current line-up terribly complicates this task for him and Crystallize – the main cause. Crystallize | Source: two players who probably could increase the first position in the NAVI are now available in the CIS. Origin – Alex V-Tune Sparrow, which, reportedly, NAVI and so treated during spring reshafla. Then the fans quickly buried the idea – and it was possible to understand: V-Tune at that time is still associated with the odious Stuckey Odium and Aachen City Esports team, which he called sQreen. Now, however, very stable Sparrow plays in FlyToMoon, and largely thanks to the efforts of its roster is now reached the Divine Division finals on OMEGA League. By signing V-Tune, NAVI get young and promising carry a wide pool of heroes. The second option available to replace Crystallize – it Daxak, on which Stream V-Tune learned to play ”Dot”. When Kuzmin failed in Winstrike, it seemed that his career will soon need to be saved, but after that Kerry was in Ninjas in Pyjamas, which confidently passed on ESL One Los Angeles through the meat grinder of the European qualifiers. Daxak – confident player who is not afraid to take responsibility and make calls during games time. NAVI today it sorely lacking. Young G, got on the damn NAVI the central line at the moment does not justify the expectations of the fans, and I would not be surprised if he, too, decide to replace. The problem is that available for Meader Natus Vincere have to contend with – if the club really wants to permanently close this position, the real upgrade from young G will fn or gpK ~ (transfer which has already predicted drAmer, when the guide suddenly signed illias and so bad). An alternative way – transfer Iceberg, but I suspect that the fans are not agree with me. Iceberg | Source: By 9pasha in recent games NAVI also had questions, but it is unlikely this requires strengthening the position of the club at the moment. In class Khvastunova no doubt – I want to believe that he will return to its former shape when around him gather a roster of combat. In NAVI have questions and tech support. As illias, and Immersion show a good game – as much as is possible in the current environment. However, the concept kapitana- ”four” it seems to me unfortunate as it inevitably harms Khmelevskiy game, which Gambit looked very bright. And because it seems to me that the best option for the NAVI will release illias and give it to the slot so successfully freed SoNNeikO. Yes, butane and NAVI – this is the meme-long years, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that he is a successful captain. When it any team sooner or later always starts to play – even ChickenFighters. Given the circumstances, SoNNeikO return would be the best solution for the NAVI. If he is allowed to refresh makeup for themselves and get to his young core players, the progress of the club does not take long. What will be the ceiling of the roster – an open question, but it is unlikely the situation will be worse than now, right? Options NAVI rosters for the new season: V-Tune Daxak gpK ~ fn 9pasha 9pasha Immersion Immersion SoNNeikO SoNNeikO