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In this article are the most important examples of punctuation and some other marks which have a punctuating or equivalent outcome in language:punctuation identify image(s) purpose/usage/impact whole-prevent/time period .

Ends a sentence, a substantial pause in advance of resuming future sentence . comma , Finishes a phrase, slight pause, connects phrases or detailed merchandise. semicolon Finishes a phrase, a lengthier pause than a comma, shorter than a period of time.

colon : Prefaces a record or case in point or estimate or other referenced merchandise, with a pause equating to a semi-colon. question mark ? Prompts or calls for an respond to or thought at the finish of a phrase. exclamation mark ! Adds emphasis at the close of a phrase.

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Denotes loud speech or shock or indignation. hyphen/dash – or – Connects hyphenated text or prefixes or suffixes an different to brackets bordering a phrase an choice to a comma or semicolon and different to the phrase ’to’ in dates and periods, and so on. apostrophe ’ or ’ Denotes possession, lacking letters, or choice to speech marks.

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Slanted design and style is common and older. speech/quotation marks writing custom ” ” or ” ” Encompass and denote speech or estimate or extracted content. Slanted style is more mature classic style, occasionally identified a.

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) [ ] Surround and denote related or valuable supplementary or incidental details, which is typically not critical to major issue. ditto mark ” or – ” – Appears in columns and lists signifying ditto, i. e. , ’same as above’. slash/virgule / Option for ’or’ alternate for ’and’ (in a merged feeling) denotes abbreviation of a two-letter time period (e. g. , w/e for weekend or 7 days ending) web handle file/directory separator indicator of line-split in typographical mark-up instruction/notes signifies ’divided by’ in mathematics and numerous many others.

Also named solidus, stroke, forward slash and much more – it is a very useful and impressive image. backslas.

Much less prevalent in typography and crafting, but progressively widespread in computerized communications, notably in file and directory separators. underline/underscore or Adds emphasis to underlined passage. Solitary underscore image is used as choice to hyphen to make steady unbroken filenames and other digital data. asterisk(s) * or ** Suggests that a associated observe appears afterwards in text, which is also marked by an asterisk. Where the system is before long recurring two asterisks are employed, and so on, to prevent confusion.

Asterisks are also employed as replacement letters in offensive words by some publications. guillemets/angle rates/French rates « » Encompass and denote speech or estimate in some non-English overseas languages, as alternate speech marks. Named just after french printer Guillaume Le Bé (1525-ninety eight). reduplication – in language, reduplication refers to the repeating of a syllable or audio, or a similar sound, to develop a word or phrase. For case in point, mumbo-jumbo, higgledy-piggledy, helter-skelter, reet-petite, easy-peasy, possibly-newborn, bananarama, tuti-fruiti, see-observed, curly-wurly, scooby-doo, looby-loo, hurly-burly, pac-a-mac, sensitive-feely, in it to win it, and so forth.